The Intellectual Powers. A Study Of Human Nature

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The Intellectual Powers is a philosophical investigation into the cognitive and cogitative powers of mankind


It develops a connective analysis of our powers of consciousness, intentionality, mastery of language, knowledge, belief, certainty, sensation, perception, memory, thought, and imagination, by one of Britain s leading philosophers

It is an essential guide and handbook for philosophers, psychologists, and cognitive neuroscientists

The culmination of 45 years of reflection on the philosophy of mind, epistemology, and the nature of the human person No other book in epistemology or philosophy of psychology provides such extensive overviews of consciousness, self-consciousness, intentionality, mastery of a language, knowledge, belief, memory, sensation and perception, thought and imagination Illustrated with tables, tree-diagrams, and charts to provide overviews of the conceptual relationships disclosed by analysis Written by one of Britain s best philosophical minds A sequel to Hacker s Human Nature The Categorial Framework An essential guide and handbook for all who are working in philosophy of mind

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